Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jump for Joy!

October is the best time to hold your own Home Gathering. Why, you ask? During October, all of my hostesses will earn more Hostess Rewards with a qualifying Gathering of at least $450 US in sales. How does this work? As a qualifying hostess, you'll automatically jump up to the next Hostess Rewards level. In other words, if your Gathering sales qualify you to receive $100 in free select product and two items at 50 percent off, you'll actually jump up to $120 in free product and three items at 50 percent off! This means more for you! You'll earn at least $20 more in free product and may even earn an additional item of your choice at 50 percent off. So, don't wait! October is a great time to invite your friends and family over to do some holiday shopping with Close To My Heart, order their holiday card, craft, or scrapbooking supplies, and have a fun night out crafting, laughing, and relaxing.

It gets even better! Beginning October 1, 2010, an EZ Invite Gathering can be held completely online. As long as two orders are placed (either through the Consultant or online via EZ Invite) by guests invited through EZ Invite, and as long as the total reaches at least $150/$175, the hostess will qualify for Hostess Rewards. That means hostesses holding face-to-face Home Gatherings or virtual Online Gatherings can both reap the benefits of Hostess Rewards! So this means you don't even have to actually clean your house.  You can have a completely online catalog party! Now your party guests can be from all over the country!

Contact me today to Host a Party! This offer only good this month.

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