Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party

My baby just turned 2! She has a bit of a sweet tooth, the kind where when she hears a bag rustle she comes running. I have had to start sneaking my treats when they are down for nap. :) So for her birthday we threw her a sweet shoppe birthday party. She LOVED it and surprisingly was not that hyper after eating way too many sweets that afternoon. What can I say...she is her Mommy's girl! I too have quite the sweet tooth that like her I have had since I was little. Obviously I don't give in to her sweet demands usually, but on her birthday we let her go all out. I had such a good time baking all the snacks and making all the decorations. Secretly, it was a dream party for me too ;) Here are some pictures from the day. I would LOVE to know what you think! I also design and sell invitations for parties, weddings, baby showers, etc. Along with party decorations. Come check out my facebook page at www.facebook.com/courtneyspartycreations.

This first picture is the invitations I sent out (minus the whited out parts for privacy)
 My little sweetie! To get her to take photos for this shoot we had to bribe her with one vanilla wafer.
 I attempted to get her to have this prop lollypop in her photos, but this is as close as we got :)
 And here it is....the sweet shoppe party. I baked all the food (minus the bought candy) and made the decorations.
 We had lollypop cookies..for the first time making them I thought they turned out pretty cute. It was my first time working with royal icing. My mother-in-law also had this great idea to wrap the cookie sheet with wrapping paper when I ran out of serving dishes.
 We had melted chocolate candies...I had to pipe all the swirls first, then fill the rest of the mold with the final color to make them two toned. Also skittles, and lifesaver gummies,
 We had cupcakes with buttercream icing.
 Ice Cream Cone Cookies and chocolate covered pretzels
 Raspberry and Mint M&M's and candy buttons
 Rosette Cookies made with buttercream icing. Also the first time I made these. I loved how these turned out and it was so easy. I will be doing these again for sure.
 The sweet shoppe sign I designed for the party. Which I placed a vintage frame around.
 Lolly Pop yard decor I made with dowel rods, paper plates, and cellophane wrap to set the stage as guests arrived.
 More of the yard decor.
 This I saw on pinterest turned a paper lantern into candy decorations.
 Another Pinterest find using waffle cones as fruit cups. These were a hit.

The little cookie monster devouring her cupcake
 Now do you see why this was the perfect theme for her? Note: Cupcake is gone, and sweets in each hand.
 Mason jar drink kits. Paper straws with paper roses on top. I sell these kits on my facebook page I listed above.
 Yet more cookies.
 Also used extra long paper straws for my soda bottles. I was going to put a cute wrapper around the coke emblem, but then since we used coke in the bottles we left it since it reminded us of the old sweet shoppes where you could order coke in a bottle.
 And the favored present of the day was a Barney toy that sings the I Love You song. My daughter has found a best friend that won't leave her side. It has turned into a Woody and Buzz situation with her Bear Bear from infancy. She loves them both dearly.
And to use up the sugar we played in the jumpy house!
 Then I sent each guest home with one of these sidewalk chalks made to look like taffy, bubbles in the shape of ice cream cones and Popsicles, and they had to fill up the rest of their bags with Candy.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the party. Let me know what you thought I would LOVE to hear from you! If any of you are looking for supplies like these I have some for sale on my facebook page. www.facebook.com/courtneyspartycreations


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