Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Cinderella Inspired Princess Party

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! This little princess is turning 3! My girl is a huge Cinderella fan and a princess fan in general! So for this year's theme we went with a Cinderella Party. I hope you enjoy the following pictures. I made most of the items you see.
I made this castle cake which for a first attempt at cake decorating turned out great! I also included marshmallow pops, chocolate covered oreo's, cheese balls were my "pumpkin element" as it is not the time of year for them, strawberries, cheese squares, and turkey and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that were cut with a pampered chef crimper tool.
 The candle on the cake was a Cinderella's Coach.
 We also had a large clock that was stopped at just before midnight.

I made these sippy cups out of pint size mason jars. I used my hole punch to punch the straw hole, then inserted the paper straw I bought on etsy. I made the roses with my cricut and the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge. I sponged the edges in CTMH Sky color ink. What do you think? The little girls just loved them and the best part is...they worked! No spills.

This teapot was a steal from a thrift store. It was listed for $20 but had a red tag at the red tag sale (everything red tag $1) I asked the manager if it was really a dollar and he said "It should not be, but since it is red I will sell it to you for that.!" Score! I also made the take home boxes using the Cricut Princess Party Cartridge and CTMH cardstock. I melted crayons down into princess shapes and included a note pad and bubbles for each little princess.
 My husband even made this sweet little castle, but the day turned out chilly so the kids did not really get to use it.
This is my princess! I made her outfit. I ironed-on the crown to her tank and made the tutu from scratch. It became an adorable princess dress.

Here is my lady in waiting watching for her guests to arrive. Once upon a time there was a little princess who just LOVED Cinderella. 
Since Cinderella is in the business of making dreams come true she made sure to stop in for a visit today.
My little princess was just so excited!
She talked Cinderella's leg off. 

 Cinderella read the children a story about her princess friends.

 They played a game.
 Got a princess goodie bag.
 She even sang "Happy Birthday"

 They took turns showing their princess dance.
 Oh no it is almost midnight!
 It was time for her to leave.

And she was whisked away in her 4 wheel carriage.
 All the little princesses had a fairytale kind of day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chocolate Tiara's for the Cinderella Party

Here is another sneek peak from the princess party I threw for my 3 year old. The photo is pretty bad. I forgot to take a photo of these in the day light so it has the yellow tint of my lights. This was a White chocolate tiara. I piped melted chocolate through piping bags onto wax paper that was taped onto a small squirt bottle that I had in my scrap stuff. Then added the little edible pearls to the top for the jewels. More photos of the actual event will be coming soon.


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