Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello to all. My days have been really busy lately. So sorry for not posting more often. I have my own two little ones to chase, plus I have been teaching all day and these last two weeks I have been teaching paper crafting in our after school program as well. Wears me out, but I have been having fun. I have 20 6th-8th grade students in my class for card making. For this project the students made 10 cards and a matching card box. Here are some samples of their work.

Student #1 Front
 Student #1 Inside
 Student #2 Front
 Student #3 Front
 Student #4 Front
 Student #5 Front
 Student #6 Front
Here is what I need from you. I need you to vote on your favorite card above. Place you votes on the poll in my sidebar. I told the students the winner gets a prize, for entering they all got to be featured on my blog. These are the six that have entered. We practiced using spray ink, distressing the edges with ink, dry embossing, and learning to stamp. This was the first time all the kids had ever used any of the techniques. I think they turned out great! What do you think?

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