Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jackpot June

Hit the jackpot and win free products OR grab loaded goddie boxes at 50% off or more.  Enjoy two types of deal days in June!

On goodie box days... you can purchase one box filled with popular prodcuts at 50% or more off retail value! Each goodie box day will feature different surprise items, so you can score a wide variety of current and recently retired products.

On jackpot days... 5 products will be offered for sale at discounted prices.  One of the 5 products is the mystery jackpot item for that day, but we're not telling which-exciting, isn't it!  If you happen to order the mystery jackpot item, we'll reward you with one or more FREE Close To My Heart products, with shipping included on the free items!  If you purchase all 5 products, you're guaranteed to hit the jackpot! There's no purchase limit-if you order multiple secret jackpot items, we'll send you the same number of free items.

These special offers include discounted shipping/handling and are only available on my Close To My Heart Website.  Check back every day for the latest offer.

* Offer valid June 1-July 1 at 8:00am (MDT), on MyCTMH websites only.  New deals are posted each day at 9:00am (MDT). To be eligible for discounted prices, your order must contain only Jackpost June items.  Visit or to see what the mystery jackpot item was for the previous day.  Offers are while supplies last.


How many free items can I earn?
If you purchase multiple quantities of the Jackpot item, you'll receive multiple products FREE. So, buy as many as you'd like of each item—there's no limit—and you could be a big winner!

What is in a goodie box and how much are they?
The Goodie Box contents will vary by day (we're not revealing specifics but you'll be thrilled!) and will include favorite current and retired stamp sets, paper packets, embellishments, and other great scrapbooking, stamping, and cardmaking items.

We have made every effort to differentiate the Goodie Box offerings by date so you can purchase boxes on different dates and receive a wide variety of products. The prices of the boxes will vary but each will be at least 50% off retail value. The higher the box price, the greater your savings from the original retail value. We're also offering discounted shipping.

On Jackpot days, how will I know which discounted product is the Jackpot item?

You won't know—that's what makes this campaign so much fun! You won’t know until the following day, after the opportunity to place an order has passed. Simply visit or to see what the Jackpot item was for the previous day.

How do I know what the FREE item will be on Jackpot days?

The free item(s) will be featured on the Jackpot June shopping page, alongside the 5 discounted products.

What is in the Goodie Boxes?

If we told you it would spoil the fun! However, we can tell you each box will be filled with popular current or recently retired products, and we have made every effort to vary the box contents by date. This means you can buy boxes on each of the days they're available and stock up on a wide variety of favorite products at unbelievable deals!

Where can I see the Jackpot June items?

Images of the daily deals can be found on the day they're offered on a special page on MyCTMH® online shopping sites. Look for the Jackpot June link to see that day's deal. You won't find an image of what's inside the Goodie Boxes—it's supposed to be a surprise!

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